Royal Academy of Dance Exams

The video here shows a snippet of what happens on exam day at the Royal Academy of Dance. We send our dancers to be examined at the Academy HQ in Battersea, as we usually have less than three hours of exams in a session. If you have three hours or more, you can apply to have an exam session at your studio space. I like to take our dancers to the HQ so that they have a chance to dance in lovely big studios with perfect flooring – the floors there are sprung and covered with a specialist dance flooring, just like most professional stages. The examiner in the short film, Jackie Ferguson, has examined me three times – once as an 11 yr old and twice between the ages of 14 and 18! Dance keeps you young!

It shows how neat and tidy the dancers are expected to be in class, right from the youngest to the oldest girls.

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