More Information


We are starting live classes from Monday 19th April 2021 with strict hygiene and safety protocols. All dancers aged 11 years and over must wear a mask at all times.


We have an Open Door Policy at Albion Dance School and parents are welcome to stay and watch or to “drop and run”. If you stay to watch, please respect the teaching and learning time – young children often find it hard to stay focused if there is a distraction. Please encourage your dancer to stay with the class once it has started so that they gain the most from the time we have together.

To comply with Coronavirus safety procedures, no one may watch classes until further notice.

Food and water

Children may not eat during lessons – this is to remove the risk that they choke on whatever they are eating. They are given several water breaks, so please remember a water bottle. There is a kitchen at the Hall where you can refill a bottle.

Dress Code

Looking the part helps to develop a positive dance mind set and maintain the safety of the dancer.  All dancers are expected to attend lessons wearing the correct uniform. Hair must be worn neatly, cleared away from the face. For Primary, Tap and Contemporary dance, suitable hairstyles include a pony tail, a single plait, two bunches or plaits. For all ballet lessons hair must be worn in a bun. Once the children start preparing for exams, they must get used to how their balance changes when they wear it up in a bun.

Health and Safety

It goes without saying that there are inherent risks in dance, just as in any physical activity. Every effort is made to ensure the continuing safety and well being of the dancers in each lesson. The school follows the code of conduct of both the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.