Welcome to Albion Dance School

I hope everyone had a good half term and you are raring to go!

All dancers must bring a bottle of water with them to class. We have access to fresh drinking water to refill bottles, but there are no cups available at the hall.

In the first week we will go over the fire drill for the building and have a practice. After this, there will be an unannounced fire drill once per term. The children do the same in school and whilst it may disrupt one lesson, it is vital that everyone knows what to do in the event we have to evacuate in emergency.

Please remember to let me know if your child’s medical status has changed, or if your child has had a recent injury, so that I can adapt my teaching appropriately. If your child has had a cold, flu or any diahorrea or vomiting bugs please allow 48 hours before bringing them to class.

DANCE IS NOT JUST FOR THE KIDS… Come on, break out those leg warmers…

I want to start adult dance classes on Thursday evenings from 7 – 8pm. If you are interested in having a go at Ballet, Tap & Modern, Contemporary Dance and other styles too, contact me via the email box on the contact page. We will start by exploring different dance styles to see what suits us – there will be an aspect of body conditioning as well, with the main intention being that we Find Our Feet and DANCE!

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