Best Hair Styles To Improve Balance

When someone mentions ballet dancing, we immediately think of the ballerina in her white tutu, hair pulled back into a bun, standing on her toes. We tie our hair up this way for two very important reasons: a) long hair flaps into the face, even when in a pony tail and disturbs our focus; b) hair tied close to the head help us to balance, especially when standing on one leg, either to show an arabesque line or more importantly when turning in pirouettes.

Long hair is heavy and a child with long hair needs to become accustomed to both the hair style and their altered balance as they are training before considering taking a ballet exam. If a child only has their hair up for their exam, their balance can be thrown and this will have a negative impact on the mark they ultimately achieve.

Please could all dancers have their hair in a bun every lesson so that we can help them gain a good sense of balance and they can focus on their technique. It also makes them FEEL like a ballerina. The best round bun style looks a little like a cinnamon roll – flat to the head, much like having very short hair. Below are two styles I have used successfully for myself – the plaits across the head is my preferred style for Albion Dance School. In the weeks before Easter, I will be showing the children how to do their hair – if you are unsure about how to do hair, do ask and I am happy to demonstrate for you.

Hair for Primary Grade, Grade 1, Grade 2 Ballet & Tap - Grade 1 & Grade 2 Modern Exams Hair Grade 3 & up Modern & Tap Exams

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