Starting Pointe Work

This is a huge and exciting moment for all dancers. Here is a general (not necessarily complete) list of what dance teachers consider before allowing a dancer to go “en pointe”:

The student has the required core strength in the body

Demonstrates correct posture and alignment in positions and while moving

Maintains turnout while dancing

Shows awareness of proper ankle and foot alignment, avoiding sickling or rolling-in

Effectively uses plié while dancing

Stretches or points the foot while dancing

Can piqué passé with a straight leg

Can perform repeated relevé in the center without tiring & while maintaining alignment

Can balance on one foot with the body correctly positioned over the supporting leg

Coordinates movement well, particularly in regard to varying approach to relevé (from plié, from straight leg, stepping or springing into, etc.)

Attitude and work ethic play a large role in dancing at an advanced level. Students must display dedication during class and a strong commitment to the art form at all times.

For a useful video about preparing your pointe shoes, click this link:

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